An exciting musical exercise programme to develop your child’s physical and musical skills.

  • Dancing, jumping, stretching, bending, clapping, stamping, turning, twirling, wriggling, crawling, balancing, singing, playing musical instruments…
  • Exciting new equipment to challenge and further physical skills.
  • Lots of language development through rhymes, songs, games.
  • Musical skills developed through energetic musical activities using a variety of instruments.
  • Working individually, in groups or as a whole class, encouraging imaginative thinking.

Students: 1–2 years (for children who are comfortable walkers).

Teachers: Experienced native English speaking teachers.

Song Book: Parents can practise our songs with their child at home.

Adult Participation: Each child MUST be accompanied by an adult.

What to wear: Comfortable clothes, bare feet or socks with non-slip bottoms.